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3 Reasons why you should be stretching!

February 27, 2018


Stretching regularly can make a big impact on your overall health and well-being. Our bodies can become sore and stiff which in turn can cause pain in the body. The pain however can be easily overcome by consistent stretching. I am going to list three reasons why you should be stretching:


1) Tight muscles lead to stiff and achy joints which is not fun! Stretching allows the muscles achieve full range of motion while getting out the pesky knots. Stretching can prevent any injury during exercise when done successfully.


2) Stretching can pay a significant role in our exercise routine. With constant exercise the muscles become tight which effect progress towards the goal(s). Stretching will give you that ability to lift heavier because it allows the muscles to lengthen and recover.


3) Stretching can no only get rid of pain but regular stretching can allow you to move with greater range of motion. Rage of motion is the full potential a joint can move, This has the effect to impact our everyday lives.


As you can see stretching can bring multiple benefits to your life. That extra 30 mins you used to stretch can be the deal breaker on how your body moves! 


Don't hesitate get moving and stay active!


Matthew Tymchuk

President / Fitness Director 

Get Fit 4Health

W: Getfit4health.ca

P: 613-255-6858 

E: mtymchuk@getfit4health.ca

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