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5 reasons why you should be exercising!

March 12, 2018


Exercising regularly can result in positive changes in the body. When you exercise on a regular basis it promotes a healthy lifestyle challenging you to change and grow on your success. Five reasons why you should be exercising are:


Promote a Healthy Lifestyle:


1) Exercising promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows you to set realistic goals. Setting goals allows you to see your body's progress which will allow you to build on that progress.


Weight Loss


2) When you exercise regularly your body will go through changes. These changes can range from stronger heart, lower blood pressure and even weight loss. All of the benefits play a crucial role in a healthy lifestyle.


Stronger Muscles and Bones


3) Your muscles and bones play a huge role in how your body moves. Exercising gives you the ability to have more strength and endurance to perform everyday activities with ease. The same goes for bones, the more consistent you are with keeping active the stronger and more dense the bones will get. Over time with inactivity the body will decondition, meaning it will have less strength and endurance.


Lungs and Heart benefit


4) The lungs and heart will also get stronger with exercise. This means you can have more endurance to run for longer or even getting up the stairs easier. As you may know good lung and heart health is very important for a healthy life. Strengthening your inner body will drastically effect your outter body.


You Will Look Good


5) There is no doubting exercise changes your body in a positive way. However, one of the most loved benefits from regular exercise is your body will look good. With all the weight that can be lost and the specific exercises, your muscles will look bigger and more defined over the long term. 



Don't wait get started on your exercise journey! Become a better and healthier you.


Matthew Tymchuk

President / Fitness Consultant

Get Fit 4Health

W: Getfit4health.ca

P: 613-255-6858



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