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Cycle of Success

June 18, 2018


To achieve goals you must always follow these three points successfully.


Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. These three points of health are incredibly important because your body won't achieve goals without all three. It's always best to have a balance of regular exercise and sleep with healthy nutritional choices.




Regular exercise minimum 3x a week for 45 minutes is what I reccomend. It is always important to remember having variety to allow the body to progress effectively towards your goals! With all the different muscle groups in the body there are so many ways to design a program that works best for you. From legs to upper body each muscle plays an important role in development of a healthier body. Schedule a set time to exercise. Don’t constantly use your brainpower thinking about when is a good time to exercise!




I always reccomend eating food based on your goals. That means eating the right percent amounts of Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates because the body needs to have all three macronutrients. Depending on what your goal is it's important to know types of foods have different effects on the body. For example vitamin C helps with muscle recovery, chia seeds is a great protien source, turmeric helps reduce inflammation. 





When you have a good night sleep you feel refreshed in the morning. After a workout your muscles are fatuiged, this means the muscles need to recover. Sleep will not only assist with muscle recovery but your brain needs sleep also making you more mentally alert. Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep so what I always reccomend is some light stretching to help get the brain thinking.



As you are able to understand these key points are incredibly important for a healthy life. Always try to do your best to stay healthy and strong. I hope you enjoyied this blog and try to implement these skills into your life.


Matthew Tymchuk 


Get Fit 4Health


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