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Your how to guide on summer exercise

July 1, 2018



The heat can have a major impact on your body when exercising.

Always remember the heat can exhaust the body very fast when your exercising. There are a few ways so you can protect your body if you are active when it's very hot. You must always: have water (and lots of it), wear breathable light coloured clothes and a hat, and sunglasses.

As you exercise, make sure to constantly drink water. Dehydration can take over 24h to recover from and that is only the start. There are some signs you body will show you if you start to become dehydrated:

Dry mouth

Increased thirst


Feeling tired


As you may see, being dehydrated can be very serious. Not only will your body not function correctly your muscles can cramp much easier. As you can imagine this is not an ideal situation to be in.


When the temperature is very hot I always reccomend light colored clothing and a light colored hat. The light clothes will reflect lots of the heat. When you wear black clothes the sun will absorb into the body much quicker. Causing an onset of dehydration. The hat will add as a sun blocker for the face so the heat cant get to the body as fast.


When choosing sunglasses for outdoor exercise I always reccomend ones with UV protection. Long term sun exposure in bright can irritate the eyes. Causing a decrease in performance. You will actually see better with UV protection sunglasses!



Always do your best to remember these key points to exercising in the heat. Even if one is missed it can lead to more serious problems. I never reccomend any outdoor exercise when the temperature is over 30°C.


Now that you know how to exercise in the heat take breaks when needed. It's a win win situation!😁👍


Eat healthy and exercise regularly.


Matthew Tymchuk 


Get Fit 4Health

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