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Is a Fitness App better than a Personal Trainer?

July 28, 2018

Hands on approach to fitness and health and corrective exercise will set you up for success.


Watching apps is very easy however when you're exercising that takes complete attention. As you move,  your mind becomes occupied with the movements you're making. I always recommend completing the number of planned reps for each exercise.


When comparing an app to having a personal trainer it's very difficult to compare. The trainer is a whole other brain to watch, correct, and instruct on proper form. You can imagine this is very difficult to recreate alone!


A mobile application is great for the times your looking to learn and exercise. There is not doubt anyone and everyone can benefit from exercising! That is why I don't think having an exercise app is such a bad idea.


But when you need to be held accountable a personal trainer is there for you! Having another person who is certified and knowledgeable to correct improper form is great. Having another individual that can communicate back also adds to the benefits received from training.


In conclusion, I think both parties bring great benefits. But when you can be held accountable to achieve your goals that's incomparable to a mobile app. When someone can hold you accountable, anything can be achieved with proper progression.


It is always good to remember mobile apps need constant updates to stay current. Don't forget with a personal trainer you're in control!


Matthew Tymchuk


Get Fit 4Health



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