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How to Lose Weight

August 31, 2018



When you're trying to lose weight you must always commit so that your body can see the changes you want. 


Keeping on track can be difficult to do sometimes. Motivation levels may be low because you're not seeing the results you want. This is very common and you're not alone! Giving youself that extra push is not always so easy! So don't! 


There are a few simple points that can get you the results you want, making it easier to manage what you eat:


Calorie Allowance


Calorie Managment


Calorie Reduction


These simple points will allow you to succeed in achieving your fitness goals. It is always important to remember that each point will emphasize off eachother. Giving you complete control over what goes into your body making it easier to lose that extra weight. 


Calorie Allowance is the amount of calories you can subtract from the weekly calorie intake.


Calorie Management is the control over what types of calories go into your body ( % of Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins )


Calorie Reduction is reducing the unhealthy calories that you consume.


Simple right?? It should be! Easier said than done however,


With these three points for weight loss you can put yourself ahead of the rest! Losing weight doesn't have too be so hard!! It is always good to keep what you're doing uplifting, giving you the self motivation you need to stay on track with dieting.


Matthew Tymchuk


Get Fit 4Health







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